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Introducing Relief BiteCare™ Nightguards

6 Reasons Now is the Perfect Time to Add Six Month Smiles to Your Dental Practice

IPR Guidance for Aligner Cases

Refinement...Friend or Foe? Part 2 of 2

There's a New Training Course in Town. Here are all the Ways You Can Train with Six Month Smiles.

Announcing a Remote Training Option for GPs Who Want to Learn Braces

Refinement...Friend or Foe? Part 1 of 2

Reflections of a Historic Year, Support for Our Valued Dentists and a 'Thank You'

There are Now Even More Ways to Make Six Month Smiles Work for You

Holiday 'No-Show' Season is Upon Us. Keep Your Practice on Pace.

The #1 Most Valuable Tip in Dental Marketing is this...

Aligners vs Braces, Which One is Right for My Case?

EVERYONE Should Smile With Confidence and Every Dentist Can Help

Returning to Work- COVID-19 Precautions and Protections

Interview: Dr. Dan Rogers on how Six Month Smiles changed his practice

Managing patient care during the COVID-19 shutdown

Clinical Case Review & Patient Testimonial: Aligner Mixed Therapy Case

Offer Top Notch Service to Create Lifelong Referral Sources

Aligners vs. Level 1: How to Choose Which Course is Right for Me?

How Words Like “Seat, Cattle, and Bathroom” Are Hurting Your Practice

Referrals Are Important to Your Practice. Here's a Cheatsheet to Help You Optimize Them.

What are Aligner Attachments and Why Do I Need Them?

5 Things You Wanted to Know About 6MS Aligners, But Were Afraid to Ask

Getting Patients to "Yes" with Six Month Smiles!

6MS Invisible Aligners Case Review

Score More Points and Win With 6MS Invisible Aligners

You Spoke, We Listened. Here Are the 6 Aligner Product Updates You've Been Asking For!

Level 2 Tip: Powerchain Slingshot

Mixed Appliance Therapy Now Available

Your 6MS Invisible Aligners Questions, Answered

Continuing the Braces Versus Aligners Debate

Online Reviews: 6 Steps to Looking Great Online

Six Months Smiles, Have You Been Reading My Diary?

Introducing 6MS Invisible Aligners and Mixed Appliances


Enhanced: CONFIDEX™ 360

Focus on Case Acceptance

Digital Makes Learning New Procedures Easier

Tales of a Successful Startup: Haven Dental

Butterfly Centrals, Rotation Correction, and Upper Spacing

Get the Answers You Need at the Level 2 Seminar

Case Study by Dr. Mali Aghelnejad

GO Pink: Together We Made our $5,000 Goal!

Anterior Open Bite Closure Followed by Porcelain Restorations for Superior Esthetics

Patient Demand Fuels the Rush to Short Term Orthodontics

How Dr. Bryan Fox is Winning at Life (and Six Month Smiles)

Dr. Delia Tuttle Pioneers New Trends for Women in Dentistry

Digital Bracket Setup Now Included with Every Case

Do's And Don't For Braces: What Can You Eat?

Find Out All the Details for Having Terrific Teeth

Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet with a New Smile

Adding Affordable Payment Plans to Your Treatment Plans

Patient Consent: Protecting Your Patients (And Yourself)

CONFIDEX™ = Confidence

How To Take Great Dental Impressions

ChairTime with Dr. Stephen Ball

I Took a 7-Day Challenge with PreVu and it’s Been a Game Changer for My Practice.

Six Month Smiles: A Response to Hurricane Harvey

Online Scheduling Six Month Smiles Patients for Your Practice

5 Simple Tips to Better Dental Health

Photoshop, Online Dating Profile Pictures & How to Get Straight Teeth

5 Reasons for Incorporating Oral Appliance Therapy into Your Practice

5 Ways to Attract Six Month Smiles Patients Into Your Practice

Orthodontic Training for General Dentists

7 Benefits of Regular Dental Cleanings

Provide An Extraordinary Experience At Your Dental Office During Every Visit

Spring Has Sprung! Use These 3 Easy Tips to Spring Into a Healthier, Happier Smile.

Discussing Short-Term Orthodontics from the Hygiene Chair

How Clear Braces can Transform Your Smile

Use Treatment Brochures As A Conversation Starter

The Golden Question for Case Presentation

Why You Should Meet New Patients In A Friendly Space

An Action Plan To Improve Your Bottom Line: Smile Rating

How Continuing Education Can Profoundly Impact Professional Satisfaction

Discover how CONFIDEX Benefits Dentists and Patients Alike

5 Tips to Better Dental Health You May Not Know

Investigating the Connection Between Oral Health and Overall Health

Why Every GP Invisalign® Provider Needs to Become Certified in Six Month Smiles®

What It's REALLY Like to Get Certified by Six Month Smiles

Have Any Of Your Team Members Benefited From Six Month Smiles?

Why Do I Have Bad Breath? 3 Possible Reasons

The Six Month Smiles Provider Conference is almost here!

Communicate Your Way To Better Patient Perceptions

Marketing Your Practice: What Patients Read in the Waiting Room

The Importance of Daily Flossing

The Value Of A Comprehensive Dental Exam

Meet Dr. Snapchat

What Is Your Goal For New Patient Tours?

How to Manage Your Dental Practice's Reputation Online

How to Recession Proof Your Cosmetic Dentistry: Part 2

Facebook Marketing for Dental Practices

Five Marketing Tips Your Dental Practice Can Use On Instagram

How to Recession Proof Your Cosmetic Dentistry: Part 1

What Everyone Is Saying About Short Term Orthodontic Benefits

Making a Commitment To Talk About Dentistry – Getting Your Numbers Up

7 Benefits of Smiling (with Six Month Smiles)

How You Can Help Your Dental Practice Team Members Grow

Harnessing the Power of Patient Referrals

How to Get the Shot: 2 Essential Dental Photography Tips

Six Month Smiles – A Review by @TamaraTweetheart

Five Key Tips on Finding the Perfect Location for Your Practice

How to Implement Six Month Smiles In Your Hygiene Department

More Than Co-Workers: Becoming an Efficient Dental Practice

Improving Your Dentist Office Culture

How a Checklist Can Improve Patient Outcomes in Your Office

Creating a Budget for Your Dental Practice

A Team Exercise for Patient Education: Staying in the Question

Fifteen Minutes to Your Best Morning Huddle

Effective Patient Communication: The Secret to Patients Saying Yes

Digital Photography: The Invaluable Tool for Increasing the Amount of Cosmetic Dentistry You Perform

Creating Great Word of Mouth Advertising With Your Patients

Six Month Smiles: Adding Value to the DSO Workplace

4 Ways to Land More Cases & Increase Revenues in your Dental Practice

Sugar Sugar....Honey, It'll Ruin your Teeth!

4 Great Tips: How to Start a Dental Practice Blog

Effective Social Media Marketing Tools for Dentists

Employee Retention: How to Keep Great Employees in Your Practice

A Patient Story: Julia's Smile

Restorative Dentists: Why Straightening Teeth is a Game Changer

A School Teacher & Bride To Be Now Smiles Confidently -  Case Study

Case Study: A Straighter Smile without IPR

Providers: The One Conference you don't want to miss!

This Mistake Could Cost You Thousands...

Awakening: Seeing Dentistry and Patients In a Whole New Light

Keys to A Successful Practice with Six Month Smiles (by Bamboo Dental)

3 Reasons Why I Chose Six Month Smiles -  Dr Steffany Mohan

How You Can Create a Ripple that Impacts the World

Tell Me More about Six Month Smiles

Breaking Through Occlusion Confusion

Kelly's Six Month Smiles Story #8 Braces Off

What to Give During the Holidays

On-Going Support for Six Month Smiles Dentists

British Stage Actor Perfects Smile with Six Month Smiles

The Importance of Gingival Symmetry

Kelly's Six Month Smiles Story #7

Provider Highlight: Dr. Dominique Kanaan

Who Knew Getting Braces Tasted Like Blueberries?

How Six Month Smiles Changed GP Focused Orthodontics Forever

The Time For Adults to Smile With Confidence is Now

Kelly's Six Month Smiles® Story #6

Now You and Your Patients Have Another Option

Kelly's Six Month Smiles® Story #5

Meaningful Dentistry Starts With You

Kelly's Six Month Smiles® Story #4

Grow your business. Expand your services. Have More Fun. (AACD & Six Month Smiles Webinar)

Kelly's Six Month Smiles® Story #3

Kelly's Six Month Smiles® Story #2

Kelly's Six Month Smiles® Story

Teeth Straightening. The Power of Six Month Smiles.

A New Six Month Smile, and A New Man

Traditional Orthodontics vs. Short-Term Orthodontics

General Dentists and Orthodontics

[Clinical Article] Lower Incisor Extraction with Six Month Smiles®

Oh! The Things We Can Do With Teeth!

[Clinical Article] Straighten Teeth with Adult Braces

The Myth of Need vs. Want in Orthodontics

6 Tips for Six Month Smiles Success

Hello, Early Bird. (And Other Socially Awkward Situations)

6 Facts about Six Month Smiles Clear Braces

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