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Grow your business. Expand your services. Have More Fun. (AACD & Six Month Smiles Webinar)

by 6monthsmiles, on 7/13/15 12:24 PM


Easier said than done, right? 
Dentistry will always be the core of your business. You have to pick and choose the added benefits that will best serve your clients while allowing you to remain focused on core dental needs.

The AACD has partnered with Six Month Smiles to help bring more services directly to your dental chair. By attending a free one-hour, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) webinar on July 22, you’ll see how, as a dentist, you can straighten your patients’’ teeth in just six months. And your patients don’t have to visit anyone but you. (Plus, you’ll earn a CE credit just by watching.) 

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Imagine saying this: “Jen, I know you care about your teeth. I see on your chart you were here exactly six months ago. Well, between that visit and today, we could have straightened your upper teeth. In other words, by your next cleaning, those teeth will be back in place. And we do all the work right here in our office.”

Every time your patients leave the office, there’s a chance they won’t come back. (Learn more about maximizing patient loyalty here..) Give them a reason to come back for something more than another routine cleaning. Give them another reason to become a raving fan of you and your dental team. Give your patients the resources they need to have clean, healthy, straight, white teeth. And finally, give yourself another tool to grow your business, expand your services, and have more fun. Give one hour of your time, and the AACD and Six Month Smiles® will give you something to smile about.

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Hosted by Dr. Chris Bowman (University of North Carolina School of Dentistry), the free AACD webinar will guide you through the basics of how you can incorporate Six Months Smiles into your practice. Dr. Bowman keeps the course fast-paced and entertaining, and in just one hour, you will earn one CE credit while seeing how to easily add this new service to your practice.


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