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How to Recession Proof Your Cosmetic Dentistry: Part 1

by Dr. John Nosti, on 7/28/16 11:00 AM


Success in your dental practice depends on a willingness to try new approaches and let go of fear. You may have to invest in your patients, providing them with a service that gets them to that initial point of piqued interest. This can lead to the desire for more intensive treatment, from short term ortho to other complex cosmetic services.

Tune Out External Circumstances

What would you do if the economy was thriving, unemployment down, and the dollar as strong as ever?

I suspect that after hearing this good news (a few times) you might begin to take risks in the practice, changing your day-to-day outlook and how you communicate with patients.

Here’s another question: Do you make assumptions about the care your patients will or won’t choose? For example, you’ll place a direct restoration on a patient because you believe they wouldn’t choose a better option.

My advice is to adjust your attitude. This should be your first action plan. Tune out external circumstances and behave as if cosmetic dentistry is on the rise. If you need evidence of this, look to new job seekers. Lawyers and other professionals are desperate to use their physical attractiveness as leverage for new and better positions.

They may not commit initially to treatments costing into the thousands, but with the right incentive, you can get them there.

Incentivize to Develop Patient Interest

Use teeth whitening to incentivize patients to commit to more extensive treatments.

Are you still charging high fees for bleaching? If you are, it’s time to modernize your practice and consider offering teeth whitening for free. Advertise this on your website and as many other venues as you can.

Add ‘whitening for life’ as an option in your practice. Offer whitening gel for life so long as patients keep their hygiene appointments (have them sign a contract). To them, it’s an obvious choice that feels luxurious and easy. To you, it’s a safeguard that prevents the expense of broken appointments from crippling your practice.

This is the first step in using teeth whitening to help patients decide to get more dentistry. Look for Part 2, where I’ll go into more detail about whitening initiatives.

CMS Clinical Director Dr. John Nosti practices full time with an emphasis on functional cosmetics, full mouth rehabilitation, and TMJ dysfunction. His down-to-earth approach and ability to demystify occlusion and all ceramic dentistry has earned him distinction among his peers. He has lectured nationally on occlusion, rehabilitation, and technology (JVA/JT and T-scan).

To learn more about Clinical Mastery’s approach to improving the quality and quantity of restorative and cosmetic dental cases, go to our website at www.clinicalmastery.com.

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