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Get the Answers You Need at the Level 2 Seminar

by Dr. Vicki Borowski, on 11/14/18 12:16 PM

I just wanted to take a few moments to let you know how much I enjoyed the Level 2 Six Month Smiles course I recently attended in October. This is not the first time I have taken Level 2. I originally took Level 2 several months after I completed Level 1. I got a lot out of the original course but after taking the class again I realized how much more I learned and understood because I had more experience treating patients.

The Six Month Smiles online forum is helpful for getting tips and tricks but in the Level 2 course they addressed almost every possible situation where I have been stumped in the past. The course moves along at a great pace allowing plenty of time to ask questions and interact with the instructor. This course is a MUST for anyone doing Six Month Smiles.

Additionally I would love to add that Dr. Brooks Haney is a wonderful instructor. He is easy to talk to and very relatable. He’s happy to stay during the breaks or after class to answer specific questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Haney!

Again, an awesome weekend course. Great learning experience. First class service from all of the Six Month Smiles Team.

Vicki Borowski
Vicki Borowski DDS
Borowski Cosmetic Dentistry 

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