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Case Study by Dr. Mali Aghelnejad

by Dr. Mali Aghelnejad, on 10/30/18 2:11 PM

Patient Info: 28 years old, Male.

Patient’s Chief Complaint:
High positioned canine, hated his front teeth, never smiled at photos.

Assessment & Evaluation Prior to Treatment:
High positioned canine, we had to extrude them and distalised in order to align the upper arch. His OH was poor and before starting the treatment we had to improve his OH.

Standard Six Month Smiles bracket placement protocol was utilised with the goal of aligning anterior teeth and extrusion of the canine into the arch.

Patient wore inverted V elastic bands 24/7, from upper canine down to lower canine and first premolars bilaterally. Extrusion is the fastest movement in Six Months Smiles treatment.

Total treatment time was 7 months. The patient is very proud of his smile now!
Another great outcome from treatment was the patient has joined our practice since completing his Six Month Smiles treatment!





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