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I Took a 7-Day Challenge with PreVu and it’s Been a Game Changer for My Practice.

by Luis Fabelo, DDS, on 9/14/17 2:40 PM

Recently, I was asked by Six Month Smiles to try PreVu cosmetic simulation software in my practice. The company PreVu Software in Ft. Lauderdale, FL  –was filming a new corporate video in my area the following week and searching for a provider to offer real-life feedback. Being a Six Month Smiles mentor and open to evaluating tools that could potentially increase case acceptance, I said “Yes.” However, up until that point, I had no interest in using dental treatment simulations in my practice.


Overall Conclusion:

PreVu has been a game changer for my practice. It showed to be effective in engaging and motivating patients to both consider and accept treatments. Not just for Six Month Smiles, but other aesthetic procedures, such as:  teeth whitening, anterior crowns, dental veneers, and full mouth rehab.

After my experience with using the software in my practice, I can’t imagine continuing to present any form of cosmetic treatment cases without including a Smile PreVu as part of the consultation. 

Results of the 7-Day Challenge

Ease-of-Use: PreVu is very easy to use.  The time between taking the photo to viewing the final simulation is only a few minutes. Anyone on my team would be able to use PreVu with our patients. The company’s free training is available to all staff members. With very little practice, an entire office can be up and running.

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Patients Who Saw Their Smile PreVu

Here are a few examples of case acceptance that we saw when sampling the PreVu software:


  • A female patient who had been considering Six Month Smiles for almost 2 years, scheduled after seeing her digital makeover.
  • A case originally planned for 3 anterior crowns was changed to 6 anterior crowns. The patient, who had been delaying treatment altogether, scheduled after seeing what the results would look like.
  • A female patient who needs an anterior bridge initially declined teeth-whitening due to the additional cost. Her response to after herself with whiter teeth on Smile PreVu was, "I guess I need to find the money" and has since scheduled her first treatment appointment.
  • A female patient had teeth whitening done, but did not get the results that she hoped for. She was not interested in veneers until I sent her a Smile PreVu by email. She replied, asking about the disadvantages of treatment and what the cost would be. I believe PreVu caused an increase in her interest level and she is now in provisionals.
  • A male patient came in to start periodontal treatment in preparation for full mouth rehabilitation, a plan which he hesitantly accepted due to the significant financial burden.  I said, "I know that you can't understand or envision everything that we discussed, would you like me to show you a simulation of the treatment?”. When the patient saw his Smile PreVu, he was completely speechless. It looked as though he was about to cry, when he explained how his sons always told him that he never smiles. He went from being hesitant about moving forward with treatment to being extremely motivated to complete his treatment as soon as possible.


 Like any new technology, you have to make a commitment to incorporate PreVu into your everyday processes in order to see the benefits to your practice. We took the company’s suggestion and now take one portrait photo at every new patient intake visit. It adds very little time, and the results in our practice have been worth every second. You can learn more about the digital smile simulator at www.prevudental.com.


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