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Kelly's Six Month Smiles® Story #6

by 6monthsmiles, on 9/18/15 1:22 PM

For the past couple of months, I've been talking about my journey with Six Month Smiles Clear Braces. My name is Kelly and I'm quickly gaining confidence through my new smile.

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Video #6: My Six Month Smiles® Experience

My teeth are continuing to straighten out at a rate that is amazing to me! If you remember from my last update, I mentioned one of the teeth (the most crooked one) had some type of unique elastic tie from the tooth to the wire going across my teeth. Well, good news, Dr. Rubenshtein was pleased when she looked in my mouth yesterday, saying that tooth has finally moved up enough and in line with the others, that a normal bracket like the others could be put onto that tooth. All of these excited changes, just a few months into my treatment.

Guilty! I’m drinking tons of coffee and eating a lot of red-sauce Italian food. This is partly because it’s so easy to eat these types of foods with the braces on, and partly because of the delicious new restaurant which just opened in my neighborhood! I’ve been forewarned this will discolor the braces, so it can’t be too much of a surprise to me that it's happening slightly. Frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t discolored worse than they have. In any case, I don’t think anyone notices except me – my husband seemed not to know what I was talking about when I asked him if he noticed discoloration.

There wasn’t too much more interesting that came out of my recent appointment, other than Dr. Rubenshtein telling me I broke a bracket! (Oh, no!) I didn’t even know I did it. I’ll be paying more attention to what I’m eating, so I don’t that doesn't happen again. I had been careful, but apparently it happened anyway! Not a big deal, that problem was quickly and easily resolved.

After some clean up, whiter brackets, additional filing and adjustments I tested out my bite and my mouth it was hitting my top front teethIn order to stop that from happening, Dr. Rubenshtein  added some material to my “bite guards” on the back tooth on the bottom on each side. She added the bite guards on the first day when I got the braces on. (It's some sort of material on the back teeth to stop my teeth from closing all the way, so the brackets don’t get knocked off.) She just made them a little higher this time.

I’ll be going back in a month, when she says she’ll insert a brand new wire. I was sent away with more Prevident 5000 toothpaste, important because of the filing she did, to protect the enamel. My teeth are a little sore today, honestly. It’s going to be a soup-and-yogurt day, but it’s OK because I haven’t had one of those in quite a while. A little ibuprofen helps, and I’m sure the soreness will go away quickly again. Six Month Smiles is worth it – my teeth are really getting into shape!

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