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How Dr. Bryan Fox is Winning at Life (and Six Month Smiles)

by 6monthsmiles, on 4/15/18 2:19 PM

Dr. Bryan Fox, based in Louisville, Kentucky talked to us on video about finding meaningful dentistry by offering his clients Six Month Smiles. But Dr. Fox isn’t just a dentist – he’s also a professional musician and songwriter. In watching the video, it’s clear that Dr. Fox is a pro at finding balance in all parts of this life – work and family, music and dentistry. He’s also found that Six Month Smiles created a meaningful balance inside his practice; routine care has to be balanced with cosmetic services to help patients feel confident about smiling.

Dr. Fox first talked to us about the other ortho treatments he’d offered to patients. “The lack of control really bothered me. I was really dependent on whatever the appliance would do.” On the recommendation of a dental colleague, Dr. Fox attended the training seminar for Six Month Smiles.

 “It has been the ONE course I’ve taken that has made the biggest difference in my practice,” he says. While Dr. Fox mentions the financial benefits of Six Month Smiles, he also emphasizes how happy he to be able to offer his patients a service that means controlled, cosmetic changes over a short period of time.

 “It’s easy to understand,” he goes on to say about the 6MS system.

 Trust is also a key part in how he convinces his patients to try Six Month Smiles. Based on the on-going relationship he has with all of his patients, they turn to him for advice about which products and services are the best; and he recommends Six Month Smiles for the right patients.

 “When all is said and done, the buck stops here,” he says about offering more in-chair services like Six Month Smiles. “You didn’t refer someone out. And you were able to help someone that a lot of people just couldn’t.”


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