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What are Aligner Attachments and Why Do I Need Them?

by 6monthsmiles, on 10/17/19 11:51 AM

In previous blogposts, we've reviewed some of the ways 6MS Invisible Aligners allow you to do more. While Clear Braces are the appliance of choice for maximum control, attachments greatly enhance the ability for Aligners to do more than they have in years past. 

Aligner attachments enable the ability to grab hold of the tooth, which increases predictability of movement. In addition to moving teeth, attachments can serve as anchors, preventing the aligner from popping off. Attachments are constructed from light curable composites that are strong enough to anchor aligners but weak enough to detach from the tooth without causing enamel damage.  

If attachments are required on your Six Month Smiles Aligner Case, they are bonded to the patient’s teeth at the beginning of treatment.  Attachments remain in place through the duration of treatment and are removed when treatment is completed.   

The orthodontists, who plan your case, determine the location and shape of attachments necessary to move your patient’s teeth. Attachments appear as blue rectangles on the odontogram on your Six Month Smiles CONFIDEX treatment plan. You can also easily see the attachments on the CONFIDEX360 3D simulation.  

Confidex treatment plan with attachments

Figure 1: Attachments are easily identifiable as blue rectangles on your treatment plan.

confidex simulation with attachments-1

Figure 2: CONFIDEX360 3D simulation with attachments shown.

confidex aligner simulation without attachments

Figure 3: CONFIDEX360 3D simulation with attachments removed. The attachments can be turned on/off by clicking on the 3 dots on the upper left hand corner of the simulation window and then unchecking the “Show Brackets or Attachments” in the pop-up window. 

Attachments are placed on the teeth using a template in your case. For your convenience, we pre-cut the attachment template to make the bonding process easier. While dentists are very familiar with working with composites, placing attachments requires mastery of a few additional tips and tricks. Watch the video below for tips on how to place attachments.


We hope this video helps you place attachments with confidence!

If you are a Six Month Smiles Provider, a more complete guide to attaching templates is available on our Provider Resource Center and is included with every aligner case.

If you are not a Six Month Smiles Provider and are interested in learning more about our aligner products, please feel free to contact us at seminars@sixmonthsmiles.com.

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