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Hello, Early Bird. (And Other Socially Awkward Situations)

by Nick Cavuoto, on 3/3/15 11:07 AM


Introducing, New Course Pricing.

Showing up early isn't always sexy. 
However in this case, it'll save you hundreds.

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Now, for fun.

5 Not-So-Sexy Socially-Awkward 6MS Early-Bird Situations

(Mostly) Inspired by BuzzFeed

1. Arriving early to an after-course 'gathering'.

They said 8pm in the lobby, so you get there at 8pm, right?

2. Worse. Getting to the restaurant first.

“Table for one?”
“No, table for five, thank you.” 
The waitress gives you suspicious looks 15 minutes later as you are still waiting alone.

3. Then this guy comes over. "Shots?"

"This seriously can't be happening."

4. Getting to the airport so early that check-in isn’t open yet.

The last thing you want to do is to be 'that person' running to the gate. Seriously.

5. Then finally. Arriving to the 6MS seminar so early,
registration hasn't even opened yet.

It happens, more than you'd think!

The earlier you register, the larger your discount.
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