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The Time For Adults to Smile With Confidence is Now

by Nick Cavuoto, on 10/14/15 12:34 PM

The Wall Street Journal Highlights Adult Orthodontic Trends


“Braces used to be just for teens.” According to an October 5 article in The Wall Street Journal, recent numbers from the American Association of Orthodontists indicate orthodontic treatments for adults have increased by 39% since 1996.

Clear Braces - Minimally Invasive Dentistry

The Wall Street Journal article also points out that traditional orthodontic treatments take longer in adults than in teens. The article states that “The average treatment time for adults is 24 to 30 months, compared with 18 to 22 months for adolescents…”

When Six Month Smiles was founded, we had been amazed by how many adult patients with crooked teeth were asking if there had been recent advancements in orthodontics. Millions of adult patients were unhappy with the appearance of their teeth and “stuck” with no options that were acceptable to them. “Two or three years in metal braces?” Hardly any of these patients would accept a referral for traditional orthodontic treatment because of these factors. That’s when we took proven orthodontic methods, tweaked them slightly, and started developing a more time- and lifestyle-sensitive approach to providing a solution for adult patients. This became the Six Month Smiles Cosmetic Braces System, where the average treatment time is only 4 to 9 months and uses discreet clear braces. 

Those who are looking for orthodontic options need to keep in mind that “traditional” orthodontic treatments can be especially difficult to treat in adults. Because teens are still growing, conventional orthodontic treatments can help shape bones as teenagers grow; in adults, those bones are fixed and any drastic changes may mean surgery. 

Proper dental health has always been a critical step in orthodontic treatments. Before seeing an orthodontist, patients need to be free of any gum and periodontal disease.

“Orthodontists say clear aligners can be a good option for less complex cases.” The Wall Street Journal suggests that clear aligners have helped reduce patient dependency on orthodontists to provide solutions for simple cases. The Six Month Smiles Clear Braces solution has provided general dentists and their patients more efficient, consistent and dependable results than clear aligners.

Adults have more orthodontic treatment options than ever before. From the traditional minimum of two-year solutions to short-term “straight teeth by your next cleaning” orthodontic options like Six Month Smiles, more adults are eager to present a near-perfect smile. (And you can register for an upcoming course here.)

Reference: Reddy, Sumathi. “Why More Adults Are Getting Braces,” The Wall Street Journal, October 5, 2015.

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