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How Clear Braces can Transform Your Smile

by 6monthsmiles, on 3/20/17 9:19 AM


Having crooked teeth can really affect your self-esteem. When you're at an event and someone pulls out their smartphone to take a picture, do you feel self-conscious? Do you try to hide your teeth, keeping your mouth closed when you smile? If so, you've probably considered cosmetic dentistry at some point in your life. Maybe you were afraid or you didn't want to commit to such a big change, or maybe the idea of ugly metal on your teeth made you cringe. Metal braces, though they improve your smile eventually, can make your smile look worse while they're on. They can give you yet another reason to keep your mouth closed and avoid showing off your pearly whites. 



(Pictured, Six Month Smiles Clear Braces - www.6monthsmiles.com )

Clear Braces

Thankfully, that's not your only option anymore. Dental treatment like clear braces can transform your smile, and they won't make it worse during the process. Getting braces is a big decision, but with clear braces, the decision does become easier. Clear braces work just as efficiently as metal braces, without the ugly equipment on your teeth. Even the brackets and wires are tooth-colored, so they braces are practically unnoticeable. And, with Six Month Smile braces, you don't even have to wear them for that long.

Shorter Time Frame

No one wants to wear equipment in their mouth for prolonged periods of time. You have to take extra care of your teeth, avoid certain foods and beverages, and schedule frequent dental appointments. But, for the sake of your smile, you entertain the thought. The benefits truly outweigh the sacrifices, especially when it comes to clear braces. With clear braces from Six Month Smiles, the treatment time is significantly less than traditional braces. Which is another reason more and more people choose to use clear braces to transform their smile.  



Some people fear that an accelerated process means more tightening and, therefore, more pain. But don't worry, that's not the case. The low force used to gently move your teeth delivers results in shorter time while providing you with unbeatable comfort, safety, and hygiene. You won't have to sacrifice comfort for a beautiful smile. That's one of the many things that makes clear adult braces so unique and such a wonderful option. 

Is it Right For You? 

If you're insecure about your smile but hate the thought of making it look worse in order to make it look better, then clear braces might be the answer you've been looking for. If you've hidden your smile for years, if you don't like the smile reflected back at you in the mirror, or you cringe at pictures snapped before you could cover your teeth, then it's time you did something about it. It's time to experience the joy of a beautiful smile. After all, you deserve to be happy with your appearance, and you should feel confident enough to share your smile with the world. If you desire that for yourself, then it's time to make a change. 

New Call-to-action

If you feared that, since entering adulthood, you had missed your window for braces, you're wrong. Fixing your teeth is more than possible. It's easy with clear adult braces. You won't have to show up to work with a mouth full of metal or endure painful appointments that make you regret your decision. Your braces will hardly be noticed by anyone, and within a few short months, you'll experience the joy of smiling without fear. So, if you're ready to transform your smile, take the step and make the choice that will benefit you for the rest of your life. To learn more about clear adult braces and the benefits they offer you, visit us at www.6monthsmiles.com.  

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