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Kelly's Six Month Smiles® Story #4

by 6monthsmiles, on 7/15/15 10:50 AM

Hey all, it's Kelly! It's now a couple weeks later, but this recap is after my first week of having Six Month Smiles® Clear Braces and I’m here to tell you how things are going. 

The morning after I had my braces put on, everything was fine. I was actually quite surprised that I wasn’t really experiencing much discomfort. As that day went on, however, it started to get a little tougher  what everyone told me would happen did: my mouth became a little sore. 

It didn't last forever! By the end of week one, I was out having fun with some friends and and co-workers. They told me they don’t even notice the clear braces in my mouth, or hear any change in the way I speak  that made me really happy. I’m actually getting quite used to it and can’t wait to see how things progress!

Video #4: My Six Month Smiles® Experience

Video Recap:

  • Day 2, Day 4 and One Week after "Braces-On"
  • Wax and Orajel help with cheek/lip discomfort during the first few days
  • Have not experienced any teeth discomfort!
  • Tips on after-eating care and integrating 'normal food'
  • "I'm (already) almost used to it now!"
  • Buy Chapstick! :)

I’m so happy that Six Month Smiles® Clear Braces work so quickly, so I’ll be seeing those results before I know it.

I’m getting used to keeping my teeth clean and my braces free of food – it is very important. I brush after eating anything, and use the Waterpik if I am home. (I have a list of helpful products on my last post.) I will be carrying a toothbrush and toothpaste with me wherever I go, so that after eating I can clean everything away and keep things healthy.

Overall, the key is making it through the first couple of days. By day four of having the braces on, the irritation I was feeling in my cheeks was quite a bit better, thankfully. My mouth had to get used to all of this new “equipment” in there, and I was really happy as the time went on that the discomfort was decreasing.

Today’s goal: figure out how to floss with the braces on! Now that I’m in a good place and comfortable with the braces, this is going to have to become part of my routine.

I’ll be back after my next appointment at Bensonhurst Dental, which is in a few weeks.

- Kelly

Just a bit of “business" as before:

  • Feel free to leave comments and questions - I’ll do my best to reply quickly. In the mean time, download the free patient brochure to learn everything you need to know about Six Month Smiles®
  • If you are curious about cost, check out their unique cost calculator which will be helpful. 
  • Lastly, if you're interested in a new smile like me, the Free Smile Assessment Tool will help you decide if Six Month Smiles is right for you.

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