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Now You and Your Patients Have Another Option

by 6monthsmiles, on 8/6/15 3:47 PM

Minimally invasive dentistry for straight teeth

You've been there before. Your patient needs orthodontics...they ask you about orthodontics...you refer them to the orthodonist...then they come back with their heads down and say:

"I'm not going to do that. I just can't spend 2 years in braces, I want straight teeth, I just can't do that. All I really want is...."

...and they proceed to tell you about their one tooth that needs straightened, or the gap they want closed, or the few teeth that just need lined up. And they say "can't you do something for me?"

Six Month Smiles exists to fill that gap. We belive that everyone deserves to smile with confidence, and YOU can be the one to help them. We provide a realistic option for patients to achieve straight teeth in 6 months with clear brackets and wires.

How can a dentist with no ortho experience begin selecting and treating cases?

Case selection becomes relatively easy after proper training. The Short-Term Orthodontic training process happens at our hands-on seminars, which are available globally. This involves a very principled approach that is focused, systemized and based on case selection. It is critical that dentists learn the principles and mechanics of the system. Proper case selection is vital and this centers on identifying the patient’s chief cosmetic concerns. Most adults with crooked teeth are candidates for short-term orthodontic treatment.

The market has made it very clear that Six Month Smiles is a service that patients want, and you can be on the forefront of this trend.

Click here to learn more about this turn-key solution to offer your patients straight teeth - under your care.




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