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Digital Bracket Setup Now Included with Every Case

by 6monthsmiles, on 4/4/18 8:47 AM


Six Month Smiles is continuing to innovate as a digital company and we are excited to announce a new enhancement to our cases. Digital bracket setup will now be included with every case- at no charge!

Compared to the traditional method of lining a stone model, Digital Bracket Setup will result in an accurate, precise, consistent, and quantifiable bracket positioning.  The reasons for these benefits are multifold:

  1. Digitization enables bracket location to the tenth of a millimeter
  2. Visualization from any angle; magnification to 3X or greater
  3. Many defects such as pulls and voids can be digitally repaired

Better bracket positioning increases orthodontic treatment efficiency because brackets will be placed digitally in the most ideal location.


digital bracket 1.png

Figure 1. Bracket setup on UR1 indicating mesio-distal and inciso-gingival measurements


Once bracket positioning is confirmed, jigs (or containers) will be placed around the bracket.  The brackets are digitally erased, leaving only the jigs on the model, as shown in Figure 2.  This model is 3D printed, as shown in Figure 3.  A dental technician then uses the 3D printed model and places Six Month Smiles brackets inside the jigs to precisely transfer the CAD bracket placement setup to the physical model.  This setup is then used to create the indirect bonding appliance.    


Digital Bracket 2.png

Figure 2.  Bracket setup with jigs (left), and model with brackets digitally erased (right)


Digital Bracket 3.png 
Figure 3.  3D printed models

Finally, in addition to Digital Bracket Setup, Six Month Smiles will store your STL files (digital models) along with your case photos at no extra charge.

We’re excited to share this enhancement with you, we know you’ll love it!

Learn more about Digital Bracket Setup here.


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