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Your 6MS Invisible Aligners Questions, Answered

by Six Month Smiles, on 6/27/19 5:50 PM

Since launching our new Invisible Aligners, Six Month Smiles providers like you have asked great questions. We want you to know we're always listening and striving to provide the best possible experience. So we're providing the answers to questions you've asked and those you may have thought about. Because, Big Brother of course.

  • How long does a case take to treat with your aligners?

Our focus is Short Term Orthodontics aimed at helping adult patients get the smile they want effectively, safely, and in less time. Average treatment time is 6-9 months.

  • Do  this using the CONFIDEX treatment planning?

Yes, absolutely. Included with your case is the CONFIDEX treatment plan, the 360 web-based dynamic simulation you can show your patient, and digital models (STL files).

  • If Six Month Smiles Orthodontists say it is not a good aligner case, can I switch to a bracket case?

Yes, you definitely can and this won’t cost you anything extra. It would be very rare that you would not be able to switch to a clear braces case. Our awesome Customer Experience team will assist you with this process.

  • As a Six Month Smiles Provider, what type of training do I need to start treating my patients with your Invisible Aligners?

Since you’ve taken our Level 1 seminar in the past, you are already very familiar with Short Term Ortho principles, which apply to treating with aligners as well. No additional training is required, but watching the Aligner-centric training videos available on the Provider Resource Center is highly recommended.

  • How much does it cost?

Cost depends on which type of aligner you choose. Please log into the Provider Resource Center to see pricing details. On average, 6MS Invisible Aligners cost 15-20% less than those of the leading aligner company.

  • Can you submit impressions or just a digital scan?

You can submit either! We accept PVS impressions and digital scans from any open source scanner or you can connect with us through iTero, Sirona, or 3Shape.





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