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Awakening: Seeing Dentistry and Patients In a Whole New Light

by 6monthsmiles, on 2/17/16 10:56 AM

A smile is front and center for all patients. So adding a tool to your practice that can dramatically change a smile means adding a tool that can truly change a patient’s life. Six Month Smiles is an important addition for dentists who are looking to provide meaningful dentistry to patients eager for confident smiles.

Dr. Noel Ananthan shares his experiences in adding the Six Month Smiles program to his dental practice. In this brief interview, he discusses how Six Month Smiles brought his level of patient engagement to an entirely new level of service.


Most dentists who add short term orthodontics to their slate of dental services already have a few successful add-on programs in place -- programs designed to improve a patient's smile through whitening, contouring, and minor tooth adjustments. Because Dr. Anathan was already excited about providing services well beyond routine cleanings and medically necessary procedures, he immediately recognized how he was able to elevate the level of excitement and engagement in his office by offering the effectiveness that comes with Six Month Smiles.

Melissa_Before.jpg    Melissa_After.jpg

Before and after -  typical results of a Six Month Smiles case.

He reformed many of his existing systems once he knew how helpful a Six Month Smiles treatment can be for his patients. Six Month Smiles is now part of every patient evaluation -- from new patient intake to routine care treatments. The need and desire for cosmetic ortho appeals to a broad audience, and Dr. Anathan uses that appeal to improve the quality of care conversations.


Dr Noel Ananthan & Patient at his practice in Streetsville, Ontario.

Six Month Smiles is now a leveraging point for those conversations about restorative and implant dentistry as well. Because he can now offer a fully comprehensive, in-chair slate of solutions, he is more confident talking to those adult patients who might otherwise have flatly said no. Because he can make serious changes from front to back, top to bottom, Dr. Anathan and his staff are more comfortable broaching the topic of comprehensive and significant dental changes.

He also stresses how Six Month Smiles is a wonderful way for everyone on staff to come together with a positive message about providing confident smiles. From the receptionist to the hygienists to the dental assistants, Six Month Smiles is the type of program that instills pride in the staff.


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