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by 6monthsmiles, on 11/24/15 10:00 AM

Most of us realize that symmetry is the core element of beauty. The most beautiful people have symmetrical facial features and bone structure that is essentially balanced. These are the …

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by 6monthsmiles, on 11/18/15 8:35 AM

Over the last few months, I’ve been telling you all about my experience with Six Month Smiles, and I’m back now for a quick update, four and a half months …

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by 6monthsmiles, on 11/11/15 3:04 PM

Dr. Dominique Kanaan is a provider of the Six Month Smiles cosmetic orthodontic system. Dr. Kanaan is the founder of K2 dental, a private dental practice in London, England. With …

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by 6monthsmiles, on 11/4/15 10:22 AM

Lifestyle and beauty blogger, Amelia, had braces when she was a teenager, and she lived to tell the tale. And from the sound of it, she sure needed some serious …

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