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A School Teacher & Bride To Be Now Smiles Confidently -  Case Study

by 6monthsmiles, on 3/30/16 11:00 AM

A Case Study by Dr. Jennifer Huston, Ireland

This 35 year old secondary school teacher always disliked her smile. She saw many of her students wearing braces, however she felt that at this stage in her life, she did not want to go through years of “metal train tracks” to straighten her teeth.

When she heard a local radio advertisement for Six Month Smiles, she called for a consult. Her chief complaint was the crowding of her upper and lower front teeth, the pointy shape of her canines and the dark appearance of the upper right central and lateral incisors, above which she would regularily find a gumboil.

She was keen to proceed with Six Month Smiles treatment as the tooth coloured appearance of brackets and the aesthetically focused treatment plan appealed to her and her lifestyle.

Examination revealed a draining labial sinus relating to the UR1 (#8) and UR2 (#7). These teeth were non vital and were treated endodontically. I used an internal bleaching technique to whiten the teeth.

The UL1 (#9) was considerably longer than the UR1 (#8) as it was positioned labial to the maxillary arch, out of occlusion. You can see the presence of mammelons on this tooth in the pre-operative photograph. This meant we had to adjust the incisal edge of the UL1 (#9) during treatment as the discrepancy in length between the incisors became apparent.

I started the treatment with the 0.014 Lucid Lok™ archwires and followed the Six Month Smiles protocol. The patient was diligent with her oral hygiene regime and the treatment proceeded uneventfully. Some recontouring of the canines and composite bonding were required for the UR1 (#8) and UR2 (#7).

I removed the braces after seven and a half months. A small black triangle remains between the upper central incisors. As the contact point is under 5mm from the crest of the interproximal bone, I expect the papilla to regenerate in this area in six to twelve months. I discussed this with the patient however it was not of concern to her!

With this case I took regular photographs during the treatment. This allowed me to examine the progress of the case in my own time after each appointment. I would recommend using a good quality camera, macro lens and ring flash to achieve consistency with your dental photography.

The patient is delighted with the results. She is getting married in two weeks and cannot wait to show off her new smile to her family, friends and future in-laws!

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The Six Month Smiles® System is a GP-focused system that equips dentists to help their adult patients with crooked teeth, using unique clear braces. The first step to becoming a Six Month Smiles Provider is to register for an upcoming Six Month Smiles Two Day Hands On Course.  You'll leave with the ability and confidence to start cases immediately!

"There is no 'silver bullet' to increased productivity, but Six Month Smiles comes the closest! Without a doubt, the single fastest way to grow your practice." -Bruce B. Baird, DDS, Productive Dentist Academy

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