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by Our Partners at LocalMed, on 9/3/20 2:00 AM

Put your marketing in places where patients are ready to act. The old shotgun, spray and-pray method can still work. Billboards and radio ads and direct mailers are still around, …

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by Umair Ahmed, on 8/31/20 12:10 PM

At Six Month Smiles, we often get this question on the Forum, via email, and chat: “Which appliance, clear braces or aligners, do you think will be best for my …

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by Six Month Smiles, on 8/19/20 2:00 PM

Here at Six Month Smiles, we have always believed that. While some other companies tell patients that they should smile with confidence, they lead patients to believe that they do …

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by Six Month Smiles, on 7/6/20 11:49 AM

The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed unprecedented restrictions on how we practice dentistry and many of you are trying to figure out how to provide a safe environment for your staff …

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by Six Month Smiles, on 5/14/20 9:12 AM

The following is an interview with Six Month Smiles Provider Dr. Daniel Rogers, Head Dentist of Bamboo Dental in Cardiff, UK. Tell us about your professional life, where you started …

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by Six Month Smiles, on 4/21/20 3:55 PM

In this time of uncertainty, the toughest part is that we don’t know what the future holds. For your patients in treatment and quite possibly for yourself, this can be …

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by Dr. Jan Einfeldt, on 2/25/20 3:44 PM

This is a story of how powerful Six Month Smiles ortho therapy can be to help patients who feel stuck. This is a classic surgical case that I was able …

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by Dr. Michelle Hedgecock, on 1/27/20 4:09 PM

As a fee-for-service dentist in a competitive market like Austin, Texas, I understand the competition for new patients makes owning a practice much more difficult. The investment required for marketing …

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by Six Month Smiles, on 1/22/20 2:12 PM

For those General Dentists interested in adding Guided Orthodontics to their practices, Six Month Smiles now offers multiple paths to becoming a provider. At the introductory level, we offer two …

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by Solution Reach, on 11/22/19 12:30 PM

Have you ever taken the time to explore your online reviews? Some are funny, some are touching, and others might be downright infuriating. While most of us do pay attention …

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