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6 Facts about Six Month Smiles Clear Braces

Posted by Nick Cavuoto on Feb 19, 2015 5:25:43 PM

General Dentists No Longer Have to Fear Orthodontics

The term “braces” has always implied “metal mouth for at least two years”. Short Term Ortho (STO) completely squashes this conventional thinking. The treatment philosophy is very similar to orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. The focus of treatment is to give adult patients great looking smiles by straightening their crooked teeth but not make large changes to the posterior occlusion. However, since STO utilizes clear brackets, tooth movement is much faster and more predictable than orthodontic movement with clear aligners. In fact, Dr. Kent Smith of Irving, TX has reported that his Six Month Smiles cases run 3x faster than similar aligner cases done in his office. 

The short treatment times are a result of a shift in focus away from complete orthodontic correction and towards solving the patients’ chief cosmetic complaints. With traditional orthodontics, most of the treatment time is spent correcting the angle classification and perfecting root positions. With STO we are letting go of these time consuming goals and focusing on giving patients what they want (a nice smile) in a time frame that is acceptable to them. “Straight teeth in six months” is an enormously attractive option for both patients and dentists!

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