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Employee Retention: How to Keep Great Employees in Your Practice

Posted by 6monthsmiles on 4/25/16 11:47 AM

When you’ve worked hard to build a solid practice and fill it with outstanding employees, you want to keep those people who successfully help run your business. Valuable employees who know and perform the job well, work well with your patients, and work with integrity are worth hanging on to. Here are some useful tips on employee retention:

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Topics: Leadership

Dr. Delia Tuttle Pioneers New Trends for Women in Dentistry

Posted by 6monthsmiles on 4/7/16 1:47 PM

"That was pretty good for a girl." 

According to Dr. Mary Martin, comments like this (from patients) were common when she entered dentistry 30 years ago. And the sexism was just as prevalent inside the industry. Both Dr. Martin and Dr. Sheri Doniger report that their presence as students and as practicing dentists was seen as unfairly displacing men from the profession.

Fortunately, times have changed. A study by the ADA Health Policy Institute indicates that in 1968, only 1.1% of first year dental students were women. In 2014, that number was 47.7%.

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How You Can Create a Ripple that Impacts the World

Posted by 6monthsmiles on 1/20/16 10:10 AM

At Six Month Smiles we know you are a compassionate caregiver who wants to provide a meaningful service to your patients. In addition, you are part of a larger, medical community, and you want to help other dentists to succeed. Sharing your stories of success are an important part of how you relate to the other medical professionals in your life.
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Six Month Smiles is a GP focused system that equips dentists to help their adult patients with crooked teeth, using unique clear braces. We're improving the lives of dentists and the patients that they help. Six Month Smiles is rewarding for everyone. The first step to becoming a Provider is to Register for an upcoming Six Month Smiles 2 Day Hands-On Course.

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