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Dr. Eric W. Jones

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How Continuing Education Can Profoundly Impact Professional Satisfaction

Posted by Dr. Eric W. Jones on 1/5/17 9:52 AM

The 5:30am alarm bell rings to get you out of bed and ready for work. Your level of motivation (and even inspiration) in this moment directly affects your practice.

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Topics: Clinical Information, Leadership, The Economics of Dentistry, Dental Practice Tips

Communicate Your Way To Better Patient Perceptions

Posted by Dr. Eric W. Jones on 9/8/16 10:45 AM

Who are you as a dentist?

When a new patient sits down for a consultation, what is your demeanor like? It’s important to be consciously aware of how you present yourself to patients. They will perceive your manner and draw conclusions from it that can last throughout treatment.

patient_communication_blog six month smiles

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Topics: Leadership, The Economics of Dentistry, Dental Practice Tips

About Us

Six Month Smiles is a GP focused system that equips dentists to help their adult patients with crooked teeth, using unique clear braces. We're improving the lives of dentists and the patients that they help. Six Month Smiles is rewarding for everyone. The first step to becoming a Provider is to Register for an upcoming Six Month Smiles 2 Day Hands-On Course.

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