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Why Every GP Invisalign® Provider Needs to Become Certified in Six Month Smiles®

by Dr. Amanda Wilson, on 11/17/16 3:00 PM

You may have seen my post earlier this week: I proudly became one of the few Orthodontists to become certified as a Six Month Smiles® provider. Over the years, I’ve coached hundreds of General Dentists with various aligner systems. All too often, finishing cases is a significant barrier to overcome and trying to educate General Dentists who have no knowledge of basic straight-wire biomechanics is a challenge at its core.



While taking the class this weekend, I concluded that the Six Month Smiles® class is an excellent supplement for any General Dentist who offers Invisalign®, Clear Correct®, or any other alternative aligner product. The ability to confidently use straight-wire sectional mechanics to correct a stubborn canine rotation, premolar cross-bite, or tipped molar during finishing of aligner treatment would improve outcomes and standards of care.

Refinements, revisions, and additional aligners with various attachments are always an option, but for patients who are notoriously inpatient, having these tools and tricks up your sleeve will improve your confidence, speed, and outcomes, and ultimately patient’s satisfaction and your subsequent referrals and bottom line.

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If you are not familiar with the Six Month Smiles L1 course, please visit my previous posts and articles. It’s a rigorous 15-hour didactic, socratic, and hands-on laboratory class. You’ll interact with other classmates, mentors, and clinical instructors. Although the class certifies you in basic straight-wire mechanics, all these mechanics are also applicable to aligners and aligner biomechanics. The tricks, tools, and tips from the experienced clinical instructors are invaluable to any General Dentist offering Invisalign®, Clear Correct®, or any other alternative aligner system on the market.


The provider forum is by far the hidden pearl of Six Month Smiles.. It truly is an incredible resource for certified doctors; dozens of approved Six Month Smiles mentors and clinical instructors moderate the HIPPA-Compliant forum and accurately answer clinical questions asked by the licensed doctors. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to review a number of forums for various vendors and orthodontic solutions, but without giving out proprietary information, I can confidently say that this Six Month Smiles forum is, by far, superior to any other forum. Over the past 48 hours, I can honestly tell you that I've learned more from the other Mentors and Clinical Instructors on the Six Month Smiles Forum than I ever did at an AAO or ADA. And the best thing, it's FREE if you are an active Six Month Smiles provider.

- Amanda Wilson, StraightSmile Solutions

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