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Kelly's Six Month Smiles® Story #2

Posted by 6monthsmiles on 5/28/15 10:07 AM

Hi! It's Kelly. In my first blog I talked about how I’m tired of my crooked, crowded lower teeth. Recently I made the decision to use Six Month Smiles Clear Braces. I'm 40 years old and ready to gain confidence through my smile. Achieving my goal within a few months is very appealing to me. 

I just had another great appointment at the dentist, my second visit. The first visit was the initial consultation, and yesterday I returned. I wasn’t really sure what to expect for this visit, but I knew it wouldn't be the day I’d get the braces.

Video #2: My Six Month Smiles® Experience

Video Recap:

  • Braces are getting placed on June 22!
  • Experienced a 'Panoramic Radiograph'
  • Experienced a 'Joint Vibration Analysis'
  • Second set of impressions were taken
  • I will have a cleaning before "Braces On" Appointment
  • Our target completion date is Christmas!

I can’t wait! I should be all finished by Christmas, it seems. Dr. Rubenshtein will ensure I'm 100% satsified with the result before we move the braces.

She did mention something to me towards the end of my visit I must relay. She said I should get my fill of chips and pretzels and nuts before June 22, because once the braces go on, I’ll need to avoid crunchy things like those. Oh no! :) Well, I guess my teeth will end up looking better and I might be a tiny bit healthier, too. Not so bad, all in all. 

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Rubenshtein and the whole staff at Bensonhurst Dental Care. Everyone has been great – friendly and informative, and as I said before, I’m confidently in good hands.

Future updates will include a lot about food, what to eat and not eat, because that's pretty important to me and probably you too!

Again, my hope at the end of treatment is a new and improved smile. As importantly, I hope to help anyone out there trying to decide if Six Month Smiles® is right for them.

Just a bit of “business" as before:

  • Feel free to leave comments and questions - I’ll do my best to reply quickly. In the mean time, download the free patient brochure to learn everything you need to know about Six Month Smiles®
  • If you are curious about cost, check out their unique cost calculator which will be helpful. 
  • Lastly, if you're interested in a new smile like me, the Free Smile Assessment Tool will help you decide if Six Month Smiles is right for you.

- Kelly

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