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Six Month Smiles

Three Ways to Keep Your Invisible Aligners Crystal Clear

by Six Month Smiles, on May 4, 2021 12:45:22 PM

Whether you're currently in clear aligner treatment or if you're considering a smile makeover with 6MS Invisible Aligners®, this is one of the most important blog posts you'll ever read.

Aligners1Keeping your clear aligners sparkling and pristine during your brief – on average six-month – treatment period is essential to maintaining that ultra clear look that only 6MS Invisible Aligners offer.

When handing over your patient care bag, we know your qualified Six Month Smiles Provider was sure to tell you the "dos and donts" when it comes to your clear aligners, but just as a friendly reminder, you have this post to keep handy at all times so that you're sure to remember their guidance.

6MS Invisible Aligners Patient BagFirst, included in your kit were several tablets and an aligner cleaning brush meant to easily remove stains should they ever appear. Remember never to use toothpaste on clear aligner trays. The abrasive consistency of the paste will scratch the trays and cause them to appear dull. While toothpaste's mild abrasiveness helps polish tooth enamel, it scratches the material your aligner trays are made from and can make them appear cloudy.

Besides your regular oral hygiene routine of brushing after you eat and flossing at least once daily, you should take extra care not to stain or blemish your aligner trays.

A soft toothbrush and warm water (not hot!) are all it usually takes to keep those aligner trays sparkling.

However, if you happen to stain your trays accidentally or they look like they need a deep clean, here are two more ways to keep your aligners crystal clear.

Hydrogen peroxide

Because you do not want to consume hydrogen peroxide, you'll want to be sure that your aligner trays are well-rinsed after using peroxide to clean them.

Take a clean cup or glass, add one part hydrogen peroxide and one part cold water. It would be best if you had enough liquid to cover your aligner trays. Place trays in the liquid and soak for 15-20 minutes. The peroxide is antibacterial and will rid trays of unwanted bacteria and stains. Once the soak time is over, thoroughly rinse the trays before inserting them into your mouth.

Tip: You may want to soak trays while you're having dinner so that you don't miss valuable wear time!


White vinegar

Vinegar also kills bacteria and fights stains, so you can use the same proportion (one part vinegar and one part water) as the peroxide solution to soak your trays. Again, about 15-20 minutes is enough to do the trick. Rinse the trays thoroughly in warm water before wearing.

And remember, the best way to keep aligner trays crystal clear is to avoid staining them. Do not eat or drink with your clear aligners in your mouth. Remove them right before eating or drinking, brush as soon as you're finished, and replace trays in your mouth.

For more information on 6MS Invisible Aligners® or any of the smile-straightening  options Six Month Smiles has, get in touch!  Take the Am I a Candidate quiz, complete a virtual consultation or click here to locate your nearest Provider and say hello to a dazzling new smile!