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Six Month Smiles

3 Key Steps To Maintaining Straight Teeth After Braces

by 6monthsmiles, on Apr 11, 2019 10:56:31 AM


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You've gone through the process of getting braces, scheduling dental visits, and watching your teeth shift to create the beautiful smile that you have today. You can finally look in the mirror and love the smile you see reflected back at you. So, of course, you want to do everything you can to ensure that your smile stays this beautiful forever. After all, you don't want to go through the process of getting braces just to watch your teeth shift again. So, how do you maintain orthodontic treatment once your braces come off? 

Wear a Retainer

You've removed your braces, and your teeth are free, sort of. While you no longer need braces to improve your smile, you do need a retainer in order to keep it. You might not be excited at the idea of wearing a retainer, especially since you just spent the last few months wearing braces, but it's crucial that you do. Your teeth look straight and beautiful now, but over time teeth naturally can shift a little. Without a retainer eventually, you'll look in the mirror and find that your perfect smile is looking a little crooked. Don't make the mistake of spending all that time perfecting your smile just to watch it shift back. Retainers help stop those little shifts, keeping your teeth in place and aligned properly. The upside to retainers is that you don't have to wear them constantly. Unlike braces, they're removable. It is important that you wear them as instructed, though. A retainer is a brilliant tool when it comes to keeping your teeth looking as straight and beautiful as the day your braces came off, but it only works if you actually wear it. 

Take Care of Your Teeth

While dental care is always important, it's extremely important after spending time and effort on straightening your smile. If you lose a tooth due to cavities or tooth decay, your remaining teeth will shift to fill the gap. This can, of course, undo everything that you worked so hard for. You need to ensure that your teeth are strong, firmly in place within your gums, and free from the plaque and bacteria that causes tooth erosion. Creating good habits like brushing at least twice a day, using proper brushing methods, and flossing after brushing and eating is a good way to maintain proper dental health. Make regular dental appointments to get teeth cleaned and checked so that any issues can be addressed before they lead to bigger problems. 


Don't Ignore Teeth Shifting

If, after you get your braces removed, your teeth shift for any reason, don't ignore it. You should schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible since shifting teeth can be a sign that something's wrong. During your check-up, a dental professional will assess the situation and take action to fix the problem before it causes damage to the progress you've made with braces. When in doubt, you should always get a professional opinion. A dentist will know what signs to look for and what courses of action are best. Don't guess at the cause when you can talk to someone who can give you an informed answer. Ignoring a problem, or sign of a problem won't do you any good. If anything, it could lead to an uneven smile that was easily avoided. 

In Summary:

You've spent time and money making your smile as beautiful as you always dreamed it could be, so make sure you put effort into keeping it that way. Just because the braces come off doesn't mean that the work is over. If you follow these easy tips, you'll reap the reward of a straight, brilliant, beautiful smile for years to come.

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