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5 Widely Believed Myths about Aligners and Clear Braces

by Six Month Smiles, on Dec 14, 2020 6:00:00 AM

If you’ve been wanting to improve your smile, chances are you’ve considered braces. You’ve probably even heard about Aligners and Clear Braces. Hopefully, the information you’ve received about these alternatives to clear braces is accurate, but just in case, we want to clear the air about a few things related to these dental treatment options by busting five myths about Aligners and Clear Braces.

6MS Clear Braces

Myth #1  All braces are unattractive and too noticeable for me to wear.

While traditional metal braces can draw unwanted attention to your mouth and garner some undesirable nicknames like “metal mouth” and “brace face,” clear braces are hardly noticeable at all. That’s because the brackets are clear, and the wires are tooth-colored, so they naturally blend into your smile. For many adults (aged 16 and over), this discrete alternative to traditional braces is the barely-there option they need to achieve the smile of their dreams with all the benefits and none of the awkward nicknames.

Myth #2  Aligners and Clear Braces are a luxury alternative to traditional braces that I can’t afford.

The misconception that Aligners and Clear Braces are luxuries out of reach for most people is our favorite myth to bust! Six Month Smiles® Aligners and Clear Braces are generally less expensive than traditional braces. What’s even better is that U.S. patients can use the Six Month Smiles Everyone™ program that provides Financing for All. So, if you’ve been wondering how you could ever afford to straighten your teeth and gain the confidence a transformed smile brings, we have the answer. Click here to learn more about how Six Month Smiles makes it possible for you to affordably get the smile you want in a few short months.

Myth #3  Treatment with braces or aligners takes years.

Treatment with traditional braces can take years, it’s true. However, with Six Month Smiles proven techniques and materials, the average treatment time is 6 short months. Treatment times generally ranges from 4-9 months, depending on the individual. A Six Month Smiles provider can perform a consultation to tell you how long your treatment time would be. You could be a short season away from a brand new smile!

6MS Invisible Aligners

Myth #4  Mail-order aligners are just as good as those from a dentist.

With a Six Month Smiles Provider, you get personalized treatment tailored to your unique needs. That’s not possible with mail-order programs that do not offer in-office personalized treatment. The truth is that office visits with a qualified Provider are necessary to the process of straightening your teeth. When you visit a Six Month Smiles Provider, you can be confident that you are in the care of a doctor who will make the best decisions for your smile and track your progress from the beginning until the end of treatment, and even guide you post-treatment to help you retain your straight teeth. The Six Month Smiles approach is the safest, surest way to get optimal results from aligners.

Myth #5  Any dentist can help straighten my teeth.

Just like mail-order aligners aren’t ideal due to the lack of one-on-one guidance by a qualified doctor, relying on just any dentist to straighten your teeth isn’t the best approach, either. Six Month Smiles Providers are well-trained dentists who have access to a rich knowledge base and Clinical Specialists for case guidance. Another benefit of seeing a trusted Six Month Smiles Provider is that you will enjoy speedy appointments that get you in and out of the dental chair in no time so that you’re back to life and effortlessly straightening your teeth along the way.

If you’re ready for a gorgeous new smile that you can’t wait to show the world, it’s time to find out if you’re a candidate for Six Months Smiles Aligners or Clear Braces. Simply visit our Find A Doctor here to find Providers near you! Or, fill out this form, and a Patient Advocate will match you with a Six Month Smiles Provider.

You have nothing to lose and a beautiful new smile to gain in only 6 short months!

Six Month Smiles® clear braces and aligners are a safe, comfortable alternative to traditional braces and provide fast results. Designed especially for adults with crooked, spaced, or misaligned teeth, Six Month Smiles uses proven techniques, cutting-edge digital technology, and state of the art materials to ensure patient comfort and success.