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Awakening: Seeing Dentistry and Patients In a Whole New Light

Posted by 6monthsmiles on 2/17/16 11:56 AM

A smile is front and center for all patients. So adding a tool to your practice that can dramatically change a smile means adding a tool that can truly change a patient’s life. Six Month Smiles is an important addition for dentists who are looking to provide meaningful dentistry to patients eager for confident smiles.

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Meaningful Dentistry Starts With You

Posted by 6monthsmiles on 7/20/15 11:56 AM


You know that new-patient care generally starts with an acute need or routine cleaning. And once that patient is in your office, you have to demonstrate that they can turn to you for every dental question or concern. When your patients sit down in your chair, they are giving you a unique opportunity to build trust and establish a long-term relationship.

Discover how to achieve meaning dentistry in your practice, by downloading the Free Comprehensive Guide to Six Month Smiles®. Help your patients see beyond basic care; help them to see your practice as an invaluable resource for themselves and their families.

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Grow your business. Expand your services. Have More Fun. (AACD & Six Month Smiles Webinar)

Posted by 6monthsmiles on 7/13/15 1:24 PM


Easier said than done, right? 
Dentistry will always be the core of your business. You have to pick and choose the added benefits that will best serve your clients while allowing you to remain focused on core dental needs.

The AACD has partnered with Six Month Smiles to help bring more services directly to your dental chair. By attending a free one-hour, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) webinar on July 22, you’ll see how, as a dentist, you can straighten your patients’’ teeth in just six months. And your patients don’t have to visit anyone but you. (Plus, you’ll earn a CE credit just by watching.) 

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Teeth Straightening. The Power of Six Month Smiles.

Posted by Dr. Noel Ananthan on 5/7/15 12:26 PM

"Stacie" is 29 years old and presented with a chief complaint of wanting to address the spacing between her teeth. She had no specific concerns regarding the overjet or deep bite and had previously had a comprehensive ortho consult in which she was advised that she would require orthognathic surgery in conjunction with full fixed orthodontic treatment.

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Traditional Orthodontics vs. Short-Term Orthodontics

Posted by 6monthsmiles on 4/22/15 12:00 PM

Orthodontists and orthodontic purists will certainly insist upon every tooth having to be in exactly its proper place and rotation at the close of orthodontic treatment. In the past few years, there has certainly been a movement toward a simpler orthodontic solution for those patients (mostly adults) who just want to have straighter teeth, and an improvement in occlusion, without having full-blown orthodontic treatment stretching over a 2- to 3-year period.usthemad

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General Dentists and Orthodontics

Posted by 6monthsmiles on 4/15/15 8:30 AM

Tony Feck By Dr. Tony Feck, Six Month Smiles Clinical Director

Six Month Smiles® education is in large part designed to take the mystery out of moving teeth. This is not meant to trivialize the discipline of orthodontics, but rather “demystify” the process so that general dentists are more capable of helping more adult patients achieve the smile they want.

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Oh! The Things We Can Do With Teeth!

Posted by 6monthsmiles on 4/1/15 2:21 PM

Oh! The things we can do with teeth!

We are able to prep teeth, remove the pulps of teeth, replace missing teeth, scale teeth, remineralize teeth, remove teeth, repair teeth and some dentists involved in research are even able to grow teeth! But an ability that is lacking for most? The ability to move teeth.

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[Clinical Article] Straighten Teeth with Adult Braces

Posted by 6monthsmiles on 3/25/15 10:15 AM


Six Month Smiles, Adult Braces
Dr. Muhammed Kathrada

A 33 yr old female patient presented at the practice wanting veneers for 6 upper teeth. She was also aware that she grinds her teeth at night. 

Clinically she presented with a Class 2, Div 2 Malocclusion complicated by a deep overbite and asymmetrical gingival contour and after discussing
with her all the treatment options and the risks of veneers fracturing due to bruxism and the invasive preparations that would be required on her canines, she selected the Six Month Smiles® treatment option.

Her chief complaint was that she hated her "fangy" smile especially the left side.

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The Myth of Need vs. Want in Orthodontics

Posted by 6monthsmiles on 3/18/15 1:54 PM

“Does anyone truly NEED orthodontics?”
 For most dental professionals, this may initially seem like a silly question as they operate under the assumption that many patients “need” orthodontics.

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Hello, Early Bird. (And Other Socially Awkward Situations)

Posted by Nick Cavuoto on 3/3/15 12:07 PM


Introducing, New Course Pricing.

Showing up early isn't always sexy. 
However in this case, it'll save you hundreds.

Visit SixMonthSmiles.com/Level1

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